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MEGA Upgrades

Back in late 2017, we, along with our sister company Pink Giraffe, first laid eyes on a 360 photo booth.

We could instantly see the huge potential in it for brand activations and luxury weddings.

Of course, they are now everywhere, well cheap ones are.

Ours was just the 2nd one in the land, and whilst it took us a little while to get some traction with it, once we did, we didn't stop.

360 Clients of ours include... Wella, B&Q, Guinness, TikTok, Paypal and so many more, even the legendary Glastonbury Festival in 2022.

The 360 we operate is a serious bit of kit. UK built, using a DSLR camera for greater footage, studio grade lighting, confetti canon, 4 person platform and so on.

The arrival of the smaller ones, fresh from China has seen 360's explode in popularity, with Tiktok helping that trend.

Now, dont get us wrong, these smaller 'party' ones are great for weddings and parties but they cant cut it for large corporate clients. They simply aren't built to last, use cheaper components, normally shooting on an old iPad, ideal for 2 or 3 people, but to repeat, they are great for these smaller events and have a place in the market. In fact, via our sister company we can offer one of these Junior 360's should you require it.

However, if you're after the high end footage, multiple branding options and more, then your need our 360 Revolution.


We recently made the decision that after 5 or so years, it was time to ramp it up.

And so we have now introduced a new, far superior camera capable of shooting at a much higher frame rate, making anything in slow motion look super smooth.

We have also replaced almost every cable, to enable faster transfer of data, a new bit of Wifi kit to make sharing even faster (great if you're at a 5g venue). Plus striping down the entire 360 (as you can see in a few pics), repainting, replacing and re-igniting this awesome piece of kit.

The biggest upgrade though is the power required to process all this footage, and as a result a new, lets say 'super computer' has been added, making everything that bit quicker, that bit more consistent and keeping us well ahead of 97% of the others out there.

We will be putting it to the test in weeks time for an event in London

And still to come is a brand new sharing station, offering enhanced sharing power at your event. And a few other bits on bobs that you might not notice, but trust us, it makes your experience even better with us.

So, if you are planning an awards night, a brand activation, a VIP event or luxury wedding, you'll want to get in touch with and we want to join you and offer a true 360 experience.


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