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Creating 360 content for Red Bull, BT & Father Dougal. Photo booth hire with us is never ordinary

Its been a busy few weeks here for us.

We think we have racked up around 6000 Miles as we've been hitting the corporate photo booth hire scene hard!

Wedding galore (it is the season for them) and a bunch of really great corporate events that have taken all over the place.

A few weeks back we headed out to the deepest, remotest part of Wales for an event called RedBull Hardline. Now, if your a mountain bike fan, this is big news. Its like the Monaco Grand Prix, Wimbledon or the Super Bowl.

Basically some of the finest riders in the world, smothered in RedBull, head down a crazy mountain course, at crazy speeds in the fastest time possible.

The rain sadly meant there was very limited running, but its quite a spectacle, and our 360 looked great wrapped up in RedBull branding on the platform and then BF Goodrich on the sharing station.

After several wet and windy days in Wales, we headed back to the warmer climate of Bournemouth to prepare for the next one, which was the Comms Awards.

Held on the edge of Hyde Park in London at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, guests from some of the largest companies around gathered to celebrate the best in the communication industry.

Around 250 guests arrived seemingly all at once and our 360 photo booth was swamped with award hopefuls, big bosses and and sponsors.

It was BT that provided our services for all to use and the event host for the night was the wonderful Ardal O'Hanlon.

Now, he has been seen on our TV screens in a lot of stuff including My Hero and Death in Paradise. However, we all know him as the wonderful Father Dougal from the classic show Father Ted.

Before the Comms Awards got underway, Ardal popped over for a quick chat and a 360 spin.

It did however take all our strength to not put on a poor quality irish accent and call out 'Dougal!'.

A real gentleman, polite and friendly, he later spent much time chatting among the guests pre-awards which was a lovely thing to see.

All in all it was a fantastic event, and we used more confetti on that event than maybe all the others ever, combined!

After all, Corporate photo booth hire is about maximising the activation.


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