360 Revolution creates incredible video content. With just the press of a single button, the arm rotates around users on a stationary platform and records via a high end DSLR camera, capturing seamless 360 degree footage

With the ability to add sensational effects – key framing, overlays, intro, outro's and even audio. guests can share the branded content within seconds. Everything is automated. No on-site editors or post event production here: it’s all done in real time.

Quick to set up and simple to use, the 360 Revolution is perfect for corporate events, brand activations, weddings, fashion shows and more!

Awesome sample video

The boss of Wella Europe working the 360 perfectly

Awesome sample video

Mr England, Miss Dorset & Spine Eye Wear working it

The 360 PhotoBooth
360 Photo Booth London

The thing that makes the 360 such a powerful machine is its ability to share customer created content in just moments, with branding and messages pushed across social media organically.

We can incorporate hashtags into every shared video with Twitter & Instagram, and also everything that goes out with the 'share' can be worded and branded by your selves, or left with a simple, generic message.


We like to get a little bit geeky at times, especially with all the figures from your event. So if you want to know how many people shared your content? Posted to Facebook? Or Instagram? Or maybe you want to know who tweeted their branded selfie from your custom microsite?

We provide it all in a neat report to assess your ROI and provide insight to future marketing spend

We know that data is important and that’s why our software makes it easy to collect the data that users provide - safely and securely.

We’ve got it all covered from custom surveys to disclaimers and email addresses

to make sure you really connect with your consumers and form relationships that build your brand - with in-built GDPR compliance

Maximising brand exposure is one of the things the 360 does best.

What can you brand...

  • The finished/shared content, which includes overlays, intro's & outro's, music and the message which users receive letting them know their video is ready to share with the world

  • The physical platform on which guests stand, the sharing stations and even our staff. Plus all user interfaces can display your logos etc

  • Props, which may or may not be your product, can also be custom made to fit the theme of your event 

  • Or go all out and build completely unique enclosures to submerge your guests into an incredible experience. 

Our team can help you with all of the above, so just let us know what you or your client is looking for and we can get creating

This is a great example of a branded video. The Penton Motor Group went for simple in video branding, and for this example we have added our own static logo to the beginning and end.